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We are devoted to become an outstanding company leading technology in the field of IoT-based Smart Sensor Devices and Services.

Hi ladies and gentlemen,
This is Park Ji Man, CEO of ELSSEN Co., Ltd.

ELSSEN Co., Ltd. is a research start-up company established by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), specializing in sensor device-based IoT service.

Under our motto of sincerity, justice, and honesty, ELSSEN Co., Ltd. strives to move forward with our customers to realize customer value.
We promise to provide high-quality products and services, grow together with our clients, and develop further.

With a goal of sharing the future with everyone, ELSSEN Co., Ltd. is always ready to work with experts who have several years of experience in each field,
doing our best to leap into the wider world.

Thank you.

CEO Park Ji Man

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