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IoT Environment/Safety Sensor Device

IoT environment/safety sensor devices are optimized for various environments such as gas and fire.
Various products are available for preventing disasters that may occur in industrial sites, such as suffocation from breathing, damage from fire, and injury from gas. Some are designed to create a comfortable living environment in your home too.

Minael, IoT Smart Touch Lamp with Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Consumer product line

An IoT product with integrated features of touch LED light, humidity and temperature monitor, enabling you to monitor and receive notifications of temperature, humidity, and discomfort using a smartphone app.

Main functions and features of product
Measuring temperature/ humidity
discomfort in real-time
Service to notify of the condition in real-time
Notification service Sets desired temperature and humidity range via the smartphone app and sends notifications
Monitoring in real-time You can easily view daily/weekly/monthly temperature, humidity, and discomfort index with a graph
Timer Automatically turns off the light
LED touch light Controls brightness simply by touching the device or through the app.

IoT smart convergence home care device

product line

A smart product to detect temperature, humidity, fine dust, fire, and odor to prevent accidents and send notifications.

Main functions and features of product
Measuring temperature/humidity and detecting fire Measures temperature and humidity and detects fire in real-time to notify dangerous situations,
and provides environmental data such as the level of drowsiness and sick house syndrome
Sending notifications of the monitored status by the sensor Detects danger by monitoring in real-time
Viewing the index on the display screen You may view various conditions like temperature and humidity at a glance
Notifying hazardous situations by LED Notifies and alerts hazardous situations by LED
Detecting noise and sending notifications Detects noise and sends notifications quickly
Environmental care via smart app You can view environmental data like temperature, humidity, and fine dust on smart app.

IoT smart modular gas sensor device

product line

A smart product designed to combine functional modules (air purifier, gas detector, and fine dust detector, etc.), and intended to prevent accidents by detecting temperature, humidity, fire, and gas and sending notifications via the app.

Main functions and features of product
Detecting environmental data
including temperature, humidity, fire, and gas
Detects environmental data including temperature, humidity,fire and gas in real-time and notifies of emergencies
Viewing the index on the display screen You may view various data like temperature, humidity and gas at a glance.
Modular product for various use A modular design for you to choose a desired detection method
Manages industrial environment by smart app You can identify the industrial and surrounding environment using the smart app.

IoT smart gas/fire detector

Industrial product line

A smart IoT product that detects rapidly gas/fire in work sites prone to gas/fire risks and prevents disasters.

Main functions and features of product
Gas/fire detection system in real-time Monitors and measures gas/fire in real-time
Smart notification system Monitors gas/fire in real-time and prevents accidents
Multi connection Connectable to ELSSEN’s diverse IoT devices, sensors expandable, establishing safe industrial environment

IoT smart safety hook device

Industrial product line

A smart safety hook device that ensures that the worker's safety hook is well-fastened if there is a risk of falling,
enabling to prevent and detect accidents and falls rapidly

Main functions and features of product
Detecting falls Sends notifications in case of a fall to respond quickly
Emergency notification Notifies of the worker’s safety hook condition and physical condition to detect danger
Checking the condition of fastening worker’s safety hook Prevents a fall accident by ensuring that the safety hook is well-fastened at a work site where there is a risk of falling.
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