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Smart Health/Medical Services

Provides health/medical care services such as gyms, hospitals, schools, and public institutions

ELSSEN’s smart health/medical care service enables you to check various health conditions at various places like gyms, hospitals, schools, and public institutions.
Based on information to check abnormal signals of the body such as body temperature/pulse, it identifies your physical health condition and provides a scientific diagnosis.
It is also equipped with a system that prevents infection in advance by detecting abnormal symptoms of the body quickly such as high fever and chills.

Diagnoses various
health conditions

Provides health/medical care service
at gyms, hospitals, schools,
public institutions, etc.

Checks body temperature
pulse in real-time

Identifies health condition
by sending signals
of abnormal health condition

Prevents infection

Checks abnormal conditions such
as high fever and chills
to determine infection

Scientific diagnosis

Quickly identifies the user’s physical
health condition
and makes diagnosis

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